Nikuni Tonic (Soda) Bath Video

The Nikuni Tonic Soda Bath (commonly refer as Soda Bath) is based on carbon dioxide dissolving in hot water that resemble those many Eastern European natural carbonate springs which are used for providing wellness and health benefits for the body.

By the advance method of gas dissolution the concentration of more than 1,000 parts per million of carbonated hot spring water can be produced by Nikuni Tonic/Soda Bath.

When the body soaks in the Tonic/Soda bath it leaves the skin with the countless amounts of the micro bubbles on its surface.  The skin colour become flush due to enhanced flow of the blood through capillaries as a result of a rapid rise in the elasticity of the red blood cells. From that appearance, it is said that it is “hot water of ramune” and it has been popular.

The carbonated spring has traditionally been widely known for medical use to promote vascular changes in the blood vessels, increases oxygen supply within the body as well as lowering of blood pressure without putting a burden on the heart from heart disease recuperation people. For many years it has been widely used in medical and other fields such as health, wellness and beauty.

Carbonated spring bath is said to be effective for pain relief such as muscle pain, joint and lumbago, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and rheumatism. Soaking the body in hot Tonic/Soda bath, the carbonated water get into the blood vessels through the skin. It stimulates the brain to widen blood vessels facilitates blood circulation without blood pressure increases.

It is proven to rejuvenate skin effectively and enhance quick and fresh recovery from fatigue. The high concentration of carbon dioxide does have moisturizing and therapeutic effects on the whole body and mind. When soaking in Nikuni Tonic/Soda Bath, the carbon dioxide absorbed by the body is rapidly discharged with no change in the carbon dioxide in the blood circulation.

Typical Nikuni Tonic (Soda) Bath Installation for Spa, Hotels, Resort and Home



Regular soaking of body and skin in Nikuni Tonic Soda Bath promotes body wellbeing in the blood vessels of the vascular system, enhances general oxygen supply within the body as well as lowers blood pressure.

A regular 20-40 minutes soak in Nikuni Tonic Soda Bath can get some of following benefits:

  1. Moisturizes and smoothens the body and skin
  2. Enhances rapid recovery from fatigue
  3. Reduces blood pressure
  4. Refreshes the whole body and mind
  5. Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body
  6. When bathing in a Tonic Soda Bath, haemoglobin will be able to deliver more oxygen to the cell than usual.This effect (boa effect) promotes metabolism of the skin and brings about a beautiful skin effect.
  7. Relieves swelling of the feet

Tonic Soda Bath water is weakly acidic and is friendly to skin and hair. Use widely in beauty salon for hair wash.

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